On the Matter of Masculine and Feminine Energy


With the background in buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism I naturally seek to internally explain outer circumstances and events to myself. The Yin and Yang theory provides a natural and simple model for this because… it’s natural. Resting on this, I hold that for instance the current mainstream politics and relations between men and women are out of balance. 

The Masters of Energy, the Taoists, and he classic Taoist philosophy, states that men and women have energetic sexual differences. The Taoists believe that after a woman fully activates her female yin energy and a man fully activates his male yang energy, then and only then is it possible for men and women to completely appreciate and embody their opposite energy within themselves, So in Taoist thought, the primary functions of yin and yang energy differ. Yang energy characteristically tends to go in an outward direction, like fire or a beam of light. The opposite is true for yin energy, which characteristically tends to flow inward, to absorb, like earth and water. Yin energy wants to allow something to come into it, to let that something manifest and emerge, become nourished, and grow. Whereas the creative outflowing yang energy does not mind destruction, the inflowing yin energy loves growth and loathes destruction.

Taoist thought holds that a woman’s heart center, or middle tantien, is naturally more alive and activated than man’s. Correspondingly, a man’s lower tantien is naturally more activated than a woman’s. The heart center is ruler of human emotions and the lower tantien governs physicality.

So, what do I make of these basic truths?

Well, it’s not far fetched to see why there is so many divorces. The ordinary man of today is not as masculine, and the ordinary woman is not as feminine, as former generations. When both looses their clear differences in energy, men drops in yang and therefore yin rises and women drops in yin and therefor yang rises, the polarity between them decreases. In the interplay between them, nothing happens. There’s no charge, because the plusses and minuses respectively, has lost their strength.

Neither sex wants this, no matter what the feminists states. Women want their men to be masculine and men want their women feminine. When this is out of balance, contempt starts to grow in both. Men don’t want an aggressive masculine woman and women don’t want these weak, undecisive, submitting yes sayers of todays’ manboys.
We need to find our true natural states of being once again. We are meant to stay together, not to divorce. We are meant to make children, but that numbers are dropping as we speak. In Sweden every woman give birth to an astonishing number of 1.1 children. Which leads to the second concern of mine.

More and more people starts to raise their eyes towards the current state in the West. All of a sudden Sweden, the beautiful oasis of law and order, of very high economic standards and several centuries of peace and quiet, is the runner up in the rape statistics in the world. Hard life time working Swedish people are set aside in housing, pensions, schooling, jobs… The (often so called) refugees are given way more benefits and money, from Swedish tax payers ofcourse, than Swedes. In virtually every county they are given the houses and apartments right in front of the noses of the Swedes that have been queing to get one for years or even decades. Hey, the Swedes even occupying these from the start, are being thrown out, even though they have made their payments in time since they started renting it. Because we need to take care of the “refugees” and be nice. We would be racists otherwise..! I could go on forever with totally ridiculous examples. This plays out in every level of society today. The special treatment, not for the natives, but the invaders. It’s a clear case of genocide, the replacment of a people in its own country, taking place. And I do not blame the invaders. Why would I? If we are so stupid to give away our resources and culture, we are the ones who is to be blamed. If we give, ofcourse they will gladly take it.

How. Is. This. Possible? Feminist. Liberal. Matriarchy. Woah, what am I saying!? Well, read above. Men become weaker in their energy, leading to women getting out of balance, leading to more women in leading positions and so forth. Remember the feminine energy? It “wants to allow something to come into it, to let that something manifest and emerge, become nourished, and grow”…

We need patriarchy. We need strong masculine men, and we need strong feminine women. To secure the ideal of the nuclear family, to secure our people. This is the natural way, the way of our people since forever, where men and women are strong in their natural energies. Where men and women uplift each other in their different ways of expressing, in their different roles, supporting and nurturing each other.

But I believe we’ve reached the point of no return. There will be major conflicts and economic and social breakdowns. Then only family and tribe matters.


US election aftermath


We’ve entered a new paradigm. And as always when this is more than obvious for the mass population, it has been foreseen by the few for quite some while. It is the flux of Nature, of the Yin and Yang if you will, at play. Trump has been elected by the American people as the most powerful political leader in the world. This shift will have multiple impacts globally. Let’s take a look at some of them that might occur (in the best of worlds, or to some extent).

  • trumpTrump as a masculine  man. Trump is an alpha, a leader, a masculine man. He will protect his country from invaders. No more illegal immigration and the deportation of the illegal ones who are already inside the US. Military withdrawal from bases around the world. The invading forces of global business will also have its battle. He will provide his fellow americans with jobs, bringing back industries from around the globe. He will provide them with hope, pride, dignity, industriousness. This will not come easy. The forces against him is virtually unlimited. Trillions and trillions of dollars, big media, big banks, big pharma, big food are intertwined and will do anything to stop him. I hope he will start a huge media corporate group to support the nowaday leading position.
  • From opposition to leading. Even if Trump has fooled everyone and is a lunatic, the shift is occuring. His win will greatly impact coming elections, especially here in Europe. The feminized, liberalized, weak culture marxism that has had the leading position for so many years will decrease. Nationalism is rising once again. This is the nightmare for them. If you want the most out of a population, you don’t want them to have a strong identity. You don’t want them to be strong in their mind and exclusive to their people. You want to control them, make them all alike and “equal”. You want the men to be less masculine. You would wanna weaken them by all means necessary. Trump’s win has made us talk about this and as of that he’s leading us to a brighter future. But it will be a viscious fight, economically and socially.
  • Conspiracies prooven right. Not all conspiracies of course… But I will not be surprised when some hearts gets broken or heads explode when the most dark secrets are being revealed. It will shock people how decieved we’ve been and how it’s all is setup. The most “true” facts about history will be uprooted. This is all good, but some won’t be able to take it in, some won’t be able to take it at all.
  • If nationalism is rising, more traditional values will take place and the feminization of this world will be seen as a “bug” in the evolution, a very strange time in history. I can only hope. As much of destruction feminism has done to us, the family structure with 50 % divorce rate is but one. Making both men and women strong again, in their respective roles, are exceedingly important.

One can only speculate about the future. What I truly believe will hold true is that it will be a whole lot more chaos, with or without Trump and nationalism. Hey, it is already occuring, that too. Economic, social and demographic chaos is upon us right now. The “multi” cultural experiment, which I like to call mono cultural (read 2nd point), has given us that. The economic booms and busts will not cease until we have implemented geoism. Acording to the 18-year cycle we’ll have a little recession in 2018/19 and a huge one in 2026, bigger than ever. Along with climate refugees, we are building up to a dirty mess. More conflicts, more wars, lack of resources, more suffering.

Too negative? Maybe. I like to think of it as realism. I might be prooven wrong. But not in the long run… I truly believe the traditional nation state is lost. The mixing and blending of non compatible cultures has created this. That’s why I can not be a nationalist. I wish could be, but Sweden does not exist anymore. The political leaders even say so; the old Sweden is no more. We now live in the “New Sweden” and we the natives have to accept this and integrate ourselves with the new “Swedes”!

svenskaflagganI love (the old) Sweden! It is so beautiful. I’m born here. I am one with the soil here, with the waters and mountains, with my people, with my ancestors. But it’s gone.

And if it’s gone, and if the future looks like I predict, what would be the obvoius way forward? Band together with the closest. To hold my nearest and dearest close. Build strong bodies, minds and hearts with chosen brothers and our families. Creating a completely self sustained strong tribe. Yes, I believe in tribalism. That’s maybe even worse for the mentioned weak, feminized liberal society. That’s racist, fascist, sexist and xenophobic…


Land Value Taxation – for a vital country side, wildlife, climate and economy


Land Value Taxation (LVT) wouldn’t just create job opportunities och support an economy regeneratively. It is also the key to protection of wildlife, biodiversity and austereness of resources. The LVT system make sure we are all sharing these resources of nature. Either through physical access to them or by economic compensation from others’ use, extraction and pollution. That sustains a greater feeling of coherency and communion in a society and respect for Nature.

Natural Capital

The funding of a government, a state, should derive from the Natural Capital, that is the gifts of Nature. These are often called Ecosystem Services today, but the understanding of this concept might not be totally clear. Todays’ tax system permits privatization of the monopoly value of these, without taxing them. This over time leads to a concentration of unearned income, so called Free Lunches, to a handful of people. It also leads to reduction of the economy’s effectiveness.

vacantlotWhen a society progress and becomes ever more wealthy, the Natural Capital will constitute an ever larger share of the total wealth, since they are finite resources. But the monopoly value will also be handed to ever fewer people, most often banks, landlords and improductive financial speculators. They “catch” the economic value (economic rent in this terminology) which we all without exception contribute to just by existing. And they make huge profits from this. In this way entrepreneurship and the productive members of the society are massively drained.

A fee on the use of the Natural Capital have got a much bigger positive effect on economy than taxes on labor and trade. These are directly damaging. The LVT (the fee that is) stimulates both work and industry and at the same time as the protection of the lands  and nature resources continually strengthens.

A couple of other effects we’ll see is that land already in use will be more efficiently used, investments in the poor areas, the sprawl of the cities over fertile soil seizes. The construction will be more vertical and unused city spaces (vacant lots) will come into production. Green energy is the obvious choice. Poverty decreases and the national wealth redounds to the citizens.

Value to wildlife

As soon as one of the gifts of Nature are “destroyed”, e.g. lands are taken, minerals or oil extracted or deforestation, the value of the remaining resource are increased. A fee (LVT) would be the consequence of the extraction. Through this fee we’ll make sure that what we take, we use as effectively as possible. We will also give back the lands we do not need  and this is how we create more wildlife and the biodiversity exponetially arise from the ashes.

Creation of work opportunities in rural areas, agriculture and nature conservation

In todays’ system we support the development to more intense methods in agriculture, unnecessary suffering of animals, oil based chemical use and urbanization of people and money. Fuel, fertilizers and chemical pesticides are under huge subsidies and doesn’t reflect the true cost of society and environment.

biodynamicfarmerIf we abolish the taxes on labor and trade, we’ll create more jobs, and even more so, we’ll see more balance between the cities and the rural areas. Many will choose to settle outside of the cities. The most economical methods in farming will be used, that is, the organic approach. More people at the country side, and more producing food. Enterprises within tourism and wildlife guiding are probably some other effects. The reconnection of nature increases altogther.

Why other systems has failed

There’s been many attempts to support wildlife and protect the resources. Raised taxes as a consequence. Many of these attempts has had small gains and only led to higher land prices and more wealth to landlords. Grants to the landlords, subsidies for agriculture and policy for how we use the lands are a catastroph for wildlife and biodiversity.


The LVT system is commonly known within the new academic movement of Climate Economy as the only system that ensures a growing economy with increased employment, protection of biodiversity, wildlife and nature resources. It is also supported by the foremost economists the last couple of centuries. A Norwegian investigation 2013 concluded that a nation should primarily be funded through a LVT. Quote: “A known result from tax theory is that a tax that corrects external costs should be the nations first source of income. (E.g. if you pollute you pay). These taxes creates desired adjustments which improves the function of the economy. But these taxes are rarely enough so economic rent (Jordränta in Swedish) taxes should be the second income source. (Economic rent is an unearned income for the landlord produced by nature and the surrounding society. Every shop, road, school or whatever, increases the economic rent. In theory economic rent taxes doesn’t create distorsions or influence the efficiency of economy. When the potential of external correcting taxes and economic rent taxes are exhausted, only then the nation should use taxes on labor, VAT etc since these taxes creates unwanted changes and affects the economy negatively.” Note that the burden of taxation doesn’t increase, it’s only a shift in deriving sources.


Land Value Taxation – the solution for agriculture


The moral argument for a LVT is a that the land value is created through the efforts of society as a whole and not by the formal land owner. The value increases when roads and housing is built, when communications is added or every other type of social services is created next to the actual site.

For agriculture the land value is also a reflection of natural advantages such as topography, climate, and soil quality, which no man has created. The geoclassical economic school also see the value of the land as a resource of the commons, and why the community can and should use this a means of covering its costs.

With a LVT on agriculture the farms would have to pay rent to hold the land, but not the improvements such as buildings and so forth. It’s important to understand that the least valuable land would have no taxes or a very small one, since it draws no value from surrounding advantages as mentioned before. A forest garden for example inside the city center would have the highest tax in this case.

Without a LVT the society needs to tax everyones labor and capital gains deriving from the labor. Shortly, a tax on everyones efforts and individual capacities replaces a tax on natural advantages and space, Instead these are monopolized by private owners. This distorts farming and rural economy in 3 ways:

Depopulation of country side 

mechanisingagriAs the tax system is setup today, a farmer in order to be able to pay for two workers, needs to use everything that the third worker creates. But if he compensate this by increased mechanisation, he gets tax reliefes for his capital investments. In this way increased mechanisation and technology has replaced human labor. Combination machines, chemical fertilizers, GMO, pesticides and industrialised breeding add to this. Fewer and fewer are hired and the incentive to use free labor from the students of agri schools increases. This creates significant negatives for the society as a whole. When fewer are hired within the farming sector, the need for shops, transports, schools and medicare rapidly vanishes from the country side. It is depopulated, economy and human capital is urbanized. Physical job opportunities decrease and we are distanced from nature.

Meat production, which is more labor intensive, is having hard times holding it together. The tradional multiculture farming, where the growing of crops was rotated with pasture land with organic fertilizing from the animals, has been replaced with big monoculture farms addicted to chemical substitutes. This also means that while fertile soils are not taken into production, we import meat and fodder from developing countries and supports the devastation deforestation of the rain forests. The fodder is also totally unnatural for the animals, soy and corn, which ofcourse makes the animals, and us, sick. This also raises the prices locally in the developed countries.

Increased speculative value on farm land

The second destructive effect of not extracting the rent value, is that the investment of farm land is encouraged by the future increase of value, and not solely for farming itself. This is often the case in the places between rural and urban sites where the urban expansion is high. Since one can use ones land as a safety for bigger loans, this leads to ever bigger unused soils. All of this increases the price on land, out of reach for the young generation. Taxing labor and capital increase the cost of hiring which forces us to import the food and makes the farmers addicted to huge subsidies, which in turn are finansied by the taxes on labor. These subsidies are based on the actual space the land owner holds and not what he or she actually put into use. This encourages the land owner to hold more land than they need, only to get the subsidies, which also obstructs young initiative. Besides, the global subsidy system is holding the economical growth down in the third world making it hard to act both locally and internationally. The extremely poor will continually be starved.

Loss of marginal land

To tax labor pushes marginal land out of production since you must use more resources on it, on a given space, than in the case of the more advantegous sites. This explains greatly the struggle to make marginal land affordable plus the general under use which carachterizes farm land.


fb_img_14333963844021The shift from tax on labor and capital to a Land Value Tax would solve these conflicts. It would re-balance labor and machinery and create more work opportunities. It would populate vitalize the contry side once again. With a LVT few would choose to not use the land productively. Speculation would greatly cease to exist since you would want to have an income on all of your land, to cover the cost of the tax. The prices on real estates would drop. It would create work where it is needed, that is, where people actually lives. This whole LVT system would make us use rotating regenerative methods and recycling rather than the use of chemically produced goods. We are heading against the recycled society where agriculture has shown us the ways to turn the trend of biological diversity loss, pollution of the biotop and biosphere and impoverishment of the soils. With a LVT on place the organically produced food nearby is the obvious choice!


Nationalgeoism – the society every nationalist should love, part 2


In the first part I introduced to you the concept of Land Value Taxation. Instead of funding society through taxation of what we contribute, from everyones Labor and the fruit of it, the Capital, it is possible to do it through Land, that is, from what we take from the commons, the resources of the nature. Now let’s take a look at what the effects would be once implemented.

First I just want to mention that nearly everyone who’s got this properly presented for him agree with the common sense of it. I don’t believe it’s explicitly a nationalist who would love it. I’m not a nationalist myself. I would like to be, but it’s impossible today. I’ll come back to that in a future article. Yes, the headline adresses nationalists. This is out of 2 reasons; we speak the same language and, ever since I was introduced to geoism, this was one of my first thoughts; the nationalist society really should adopt the geo ism of economy rather than the social.

deforestationOk, let’s hit it. An obvious first statement; what you tax you get less of. A few examples:

  • Tax labor and you get less opportunity of jobs. With a tax on Land instead of Labor, and Capital which enrich Labor, you can only imagine what that would mean…
  • Tax extraction of fossil fuels and the green energy boom is a fact.
  • Tax deforestation and conventional fertilizers and the organic farming boom is a fact. (No no, we do not need the conventional farming to feed the population. I’ll come back to that too.)
  • Tax land properly instead of the buildings and the land we actually use will be calibrated thoroughly to cover the cost to hold it. E.g. we would rather build vertically than horisontally. The more you take, the higher the tax… Those who wants to live in the cities will do so and we wouldn’t take more land than necessary, land that is necessary for producing food, for wildlife and biodiversity.
  • Tax extraction of minerals heavily (they are virtually given away for free in Sweden today, to private enterprises) and we won’t see the devastating environmental effects of today. Note: the wedding ring of gold will not be taxed, that’s Capital. Only the extraction of the raw material itself… So you see, this is an example of taxing what you take and not what you produce. If you can make a living out of what you take, that’s fine. The effect of this will be that only what people actually need and is willing to pay for will be produced, and only the foremost products  will see daylight. Maybe the “consumerism” might be more balanced too, right?
  • pollutionTax pollution of the commons accordingly. In addition I suppport a Law on Ecocide. If you poison our waters, air and soils, go fuck yourself!

A few examples, but what does this mean for the average guy? Well, a pretty big issue here in Sweden is the tax on engine fuels, i.e. gasoline and diesel. The Watermelons (green socialists) wants to raise the taxes. The opposing sides says that would be the end of the rural areas. “The rural dweller needs to transport themselves to work and social services long distances.” And yes, that is the case, but in a geoistic society they will have no taxes on labor and very low taxes on the land they occupy for housing. This outweighs. As in any case of calculating taxes, this will of course also happen in this new case scenario.

Within the existing system many are unwillingly driven from the country side to the cities. Those who actually wants to live in the city will continue to do so, willing to pay for the value everyone partake in producing there. And the possibilty to live at the country side increases, due to more affordable site value. Those who really want to live there can more extensively do so.

grassrootsWhat about the production of food? I have an article solely dedicated for this issue coming soon. It’s one of my main interests and the entrance into geoism itself, since I discovered the ultimate Key for making our soils and food regenerative once more. Stay tuned!



Nationalgeoism – the society every nationalist should love, part 1


Many nationalists have a strong conviction and sense for libertarianism. To live in complete freedom and liberty and the right of ruling their own personal life as they see fit. The traditional political term and societal structure in the nationalist mind is as everyone knows national socialism. I would like to introduce to you the more robust and harmonious society of National Geoism.

We are all aware of the booms and busts of economy. It has been with us for as long as records exists. Seems as we’ve accepted this to be a natural phenomenon. Something we can’t avoid and which we just have to accept. This is not the case. It’s made by humans and we can change it.

I’ve studied political economy for a couple of years in my spare time. I have read quite a few books, tons of articles and science. I’ve followed, listened and talked to the most distinguished minds of political economy for thousands of hours.

churchilllvtThe solution is very simple yet of course a total remake of a society. We can smooth the booms and create an economically and socially thriving society. Today, with this economic system, everything and everyone are in debt; private, corporations, institutions and governments. How is this possible? Through the tax system and the creation of money.

The creation of money is not my specialty, so I will mention it briefly; Whenever someone take a loan more money is created. You fill out the form and, poof, the numbers are there, created out of thin air by privately owned banks. Watch this short and informative video.

Now, what about the tax system? Well, let’s begin with the basics. There is 3 factors of production; Land, Labor and Capital. The term Land stands for the resource, be it actually land or oil, water, fish, animals, electromagnetic spectrum, space orbits, minerals etc. Labor is the actual labor one execute. Capital is not only money, but also all the tools and machinery involved when producing, and the final product or service. Today we are taxed almost solely from the two latter factors. This means that everything you create by your own hands are in part taken from you, to fund the government. This seems like a solidarian approach doesn’t it..? We are all contributing to society, first through our labor and then the fruits of our own labor too. And, this is naturally rigged by the elite, (this too…). There is no “trickle down” economy. It’s a fraud. I encourage you to watch an informative 7 minute video instead of me making this article too long.

vacantlotThe simple solution; instead of taxing what we already gives to society, through milking from the labor and capital, there’s more than enough to fund the government through what we take from society instead. This means that if you get yourself a plot of land you’ll pay way more in city centre than somewhere far from social services, roads, railways, shops… The more value of the location (not the building itself because that’s Capital), the higher the tax. Tariffs would be implemented on how much fish you take, or minerals etc. and how much you pollute the commons. This is the reform called Land Value Taxation (LVT), and it is to be implemented not over night but running through a decade or two, perhaps faster.

Is this possible? Is there enough “Land” to actually fund everything? Yes, the empirical facts says so. It is actually implemented in a few areas to various degrees throughout the world. Data from these and for instance from Australia, which have the numbers running from 1979-2006, shows this.

This is not a new thing. The most sharp minds of economics knows this. Henry George is the one we most associate with LVT. David Ricardo and several other classical economists as well as numerous Nobel Laureates thinks this is the way to build a sustainable, resilient and just society. Just in the sense “keep what you create and pay for what you take”.


Speaking of Nobel Laureate, I really must mention Mason Gaffney. In a sain world he would’ve gotten the prize numerous times. For the more in depth reader, his work is a gold mine!

I would be ok with this… The society of geoism, which actually manifests the ideas of both capitalism and socialism.

In part 2 I will outline the effects of a LVT in different areas.

Note: when you start looking this up you’ll probably see at least 2 other names associated with Land Value Taxation. Georgism, of course from the source Henry George, and Geolibertarianism. A person who calls himself a Georgist wants to state his devotion to the works of Henry George and a Geolibertarian is stating the sacred need for liberty.
(a short interpretation, there’s more too it. Click the links)


Henry George (1839-1897) The most forgotten world famous person in history. His book Progress and Poverty is the second most sold book in the world, next to the Bible. Read it!