FundaMENTAL knowledge on men and women


There’s significant differences between men and women, although the current paradigm of feminized society tells you another story. I will not go through the most apparent, the biology, but rather a few examples on how we interact, the mental stuff, how we percieve ourselves and the outer world differently.

Women as supply, men as demand

If she wants, he gets. That is the utter truth. Women has the power when it comes to sex. I’m obviously not counting in the violation of women through rape!
Some women and men are close friends, even when in relation with another man or woman. I do not judge anyone here, but be concious about the truth above. Men and women cannot ever be close friends and set aside the sexual aspect of it. Since all energy in its core are sexual, Yin meeting Yang, there will be sexual energy between them.

Women always try to mate with the alpha, or as high in the hierarchy as possible, gaining the most precious DNA as possible. Then they seek out a beta male to take care of her and her babies.
Men on the other hand are wired to spread their seed in the largest area of women as possible. They want to make sure their DNA passes on to the next round.

What does this mean in everyday life? Women tend to search for safety. They want to be taken care of, even the most out of balanced masculinized ones, feminists that is. So, in a relationship, it is common women also have male friends. If something goes wrong, i.e. the relationship ends, she has the backup in place. Or as it says in the Havamal: The heart of the woman is built on wheels.
Single men, being wired as mentioned above, therefor are waiting to take over the woman, if her relationship ends.

The social contract

Despite these primal energies of men and women, most of us in relationship, buy into the monogamy. It serves us best. In the tribal society, if everyone would be with everyone, conflict would be the inevitable outcome. Conflict within the tribe would eventually mean the death of the tribe and therefor the members of it. Cooperation sustains and upholds the lives of the tribal members.

Women are inclusive and men are exclusive. Just think of the western politics today… but I will write about that another day. I’m thinking of 2 other common examples in everyday life. Facebook hearts is the first. Women, and ultra-feminized weak manboys, tend to use them everywhere to everyone, even to those they despise. Masculine men are not. They are exclusively using them, if ever, to their blood and their partner.
Late night conversations is the second. Every man knows what the male “friend” wants if he’s in contact with his woman during the late hours. This is unacceptable behaviour by the woman for the masculine man of hers’. Let me be clear; many women are not even aware of this. They are only talking to a friend..! But the man knows, being a man…


To avoid unneccessary conflicts in your relationship, women should be aware of this, the way men are wired, and stop being too inclusive and receptive. Men, understand that, even though your woman is “guilty” of this, it does not neccessarily mean she’s aware of it. It’s natural for her to make everyone feel good and wanted. Rather, talk openly and, preferably, without blaming and harsh language. But be very clear. We as men knows other men right..?