On the Matter of Masculine and Feminine Energy


With the background in buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism I naturally seek to internally explain outer circumstances and events to myself. The Yin and Yang theory provides a natural and simple model for this because… it’s natural. Resting on this, I hold that for instance the current mainstream politics and relations between men and women are out of balance. 

The Masters of Energy, the Taoists, and he classic Taoist philosophy, states that men and women have energetic sexual differences. The Taoists believe that after a woman fully activates her female yin energy and a man fully activates his male yang energy, then and only then is it possible for men and women to completely appreciate and embody their opposite energy within themselves, So in Taoist thought, the primary functions of yin and yang energy differ. Yang energy characteristically tends to go in an outward direction, like fire or a beam of light. The opposite is true for yin energy, which characteristically tends to flow inward, to absorb, like earth and water. Yin energy wants to allow something to come into it, to let that something manifest and emerge, become nourished, and grow. Whereas the creative outflowing yang energy does not mind destruction, the inflowing yin energy loves growth and loathes destruction.

Taoist thought holds that a woman’s heart center, or middle tantien, is naturally more alive and activated than man’s. Correspondingly, a man’s lower tantien is naturally more activated than a woman’s. The heart center is ruler of human emotions and the lower tantien governs physicality.

So, what do I make of these basic truths?

Well, it’s not far fetched to see why there is so many divorces. The ordinary man of today is not as masculine, and the ordinary woman is not as feminine, as former generations. When both looses their clear differences in energy, men drops in yang and therefore yin rises and women drops in yin and therefor yang rises, the polarity between them decreases. In the interplay between them, nothing happens. There’s no charge, because the plusses and minuses respectively, has lost their strength.

Neither sex wants this, no matter what the feminists states. Women want their men to be masculine and men want their women feminine. When this is out of balance, contempt starts to grow in both. Men don’t want an aggressive masculine woman and women don’t want these weak, undecisive, submitting yes sayers of todays’ manboys.
We need to find our true natural states of being once again. We are meant to stay together, not to divorce. We are meant to make children, but that numbers are dropping as we speak. In Sweden every woman give birth to an astonishing number of 1.1 children. Which leads to the second concern of mine.

More and more people starts to raise their eyes towards the current state in the West. All of a sudden Sweden, the beautiful oasis of law and order, of very high economic standards and several centuries of peace and quiet, is the runner up in the rape statistics in the world. Hard life time working Swedish people are set aside in housing, pensions, schooling, jobs… The (often so called) refugees are given way more benefits and money, from Swedish tax payers ofcourse, than Swedes. In virtually every county they are given the houses and apartments right in front of the noses of the Swedes that have been queing to get one for years or even decades. Hey, the Swedes even occupying these from the start, are being thrown out, even though they have made their payments in time since they started renting it. Because we need to take care of the “refugees” and be nice. We would be racists otherwise..! I could go on forever with totally ridiculous examples. This plays out in every level of society today. The special treatment, not for the natives, but the invaders. It’s a clear case of genocide, the replacment of a people in its own country, taking place. And I do not blame the invaders. Why would I? If we are so stupid to give away our resources and culture, we are the ones who is to be blamed. If we give, ofcourse they will gladly take it.

How. Is. This. Possible? Feminist. Liberal. Matriarchy. Woah, what am I saying!? Well, read above. Men become weaker in their energy, leading to women getting out of balance, leading to more women in leading positions and so forth. Remember the feminine energy? It “wants to allow something to come into it, to let that something manifest and emerge, become nourished, and grow”…

We need patriarchy. We need strong masculine men, and we need strong feminine women. To secure the ideal of the nuclear family, to secure our people. This is the natural way, the way of our people since forever, where men and women are strong in their natural energies. Where men and women uplift each other in their different ways of expressing, in their different roles, supporting and nurturing each other.

But I believe we’ve reached the point of no return. There will be major conflicts and economic and social breakdowns. Then only family and tribe matters.


FundaMENTAL knowledge on men and women


There’s significant differences between men and women, although the current paradigm of feminized society tells you another story. I will not go through the most apparent, the biology, but rather a few examples on how we interact, the mental stuff, how we percieve ourselves and the outer world differently.

Women as supply, men as demand

If she wants, he gets. That is the utter truth. Women has the power when it comes to sex. I’m obviously not counting in the violation of women through rape!
Some women and men are close friends, even when in relation with another man or woman. I do not judge anyone here, but be concious about the truth above. Men and women cannot ever be close friends and set aside the sexual aspect of it. Since all energy in its core are sexual, Yin meeting Yang, there will be sexual energy between them.

Women always try to mate with the alpha, or as high in the hierarchy as possible, gaining the most precious DNA as possible. Then they seek out a beta male to take care of her and her babies.
Men on the other hand are wired to spread their seed in the largest area of women as possible. They want to make sure their DNA passes on to the next round.

What does this mean in everyday life? Women tend to search for safety. They want to be taken care of, even the most out of balanced masculinized ones, feminists that is. So, in a relationship, it is common women also have male friends. If something goes wrong, i.e. the relationship ends, she has the backup in place. Or as it says in the Havamal: The heart of the woman is built on wheels.
Single men, being wired as mentioned above, therefor are waiting to take over the woman, if her relationship ends.

The social contract

Despite these primal energies of men and women, most of us in relationship, buy into the monogamy. It serves us best. In the tribal society, if everyone would be with everyone, conflict would be the inevitable outcome. Conflict within the tribe would eventually mean the death of the tribe and therefor the members of it. Cooperation sustains and upholds the lives of the tribal members.

Women are inclusive and men are exclusive. Just think of the western politics today… but I will write about that another day. I’m thinking of 2 other common examples in everyday life. Facebook hearts is the first. Women, and ultra-feminized weak manboys, tend to use them everywhere to everyone, even to those they despise. Masculine men are not. They are exclusively using them, if ever, to their blood and their partner.
Late night conversations is the second. Every man knows what the male “friend” wants if he’s in contact with his woman during the late hours. This is unacceptable behaviour by the woman for the masculine man of hers’. Let me be clear; many women are not even aware of this. They are only talking to a friend..! But the man knows, being a man…


To avoid unneccessary conflicts in your relationship, women should be aware of this, the way men are wired, and stop being too inclusive and receptive. Men, understand that, even though your woman is “guilty” of this, it does not neccessarily mean she’s aware of it. It’s natural for her to make everyone feel good and wanted. Rather, talk openly and, preferably, without blaming and harsh language. But be very clear. We as men knows other men right..?