US election aftermath


We’ve entered a new paradigm. And as always when this is more than obvious for the mass population, it has been foreseen by the few for quite some while. It is the flux of Nature, of the Yin and Yang if you will, at play. Trump has been elected by the American people as the most powerful political leader in the world. This shift will have multiple impacts globally. Let’s take a look at some of them that might occur (in the best of worlds, or to some extent).

  • trumpTrump as a masculine  man. Trump is an alpha, a leader, a masculine man. He will protect his country from invaders. No more illegal immigration and the deportation of the illegal ones who are already inside the US. Military withdrawal from bases around the world. The invading forces of global business will also have its battle. He will provide his fellow americans with jobs, bringing back industries from around the globe. He will provide them with hope, pride, dignity, industriousness. This will not come easy. The forces against him is virtually unlimited. Trillions and trillions of dollars, big media, big banks, big pharma, big food are intertwined and will do anything to stop him. I hope he will start a huge media corporate group to support the nowaday leading position.
  • From opposition to leading. Even if Trump has fooled everyone and is a lunatic, the shift is occuring. His win will greatly impact coming elections, especially here in Europe. The feminized, liberalized, weak culture marxism that has had the leading position for so many years will decrease. Nationalism is rising once again. This is the nightmare for them. If you want the most out of a population, you don’t want them to have a strong identity. You don’t want them to be strong in their mind and exclusive to their people. You want to control them, make them all alike and “equal”. You want the men to be less masculine. You would wanna weaken them by all means necessary. Trump’s win has made us talk about this and as of that he’s leading us to a brighter future. But it will be a viscious fight, economically and socially.
  • Conspiracies prooven right. Not all conspiracies of course… But I will not be surprised when some hearts gets broken or heads explode when the most dark secrets are being revealed. It will shock people how decieved we’ve been and how it’s all is setup. The most “true” facts about history will be uprooted. This is all good, but some won’t be able to take it in, some won’t be able to take it at all.
  • If nationalism is rising, more traditional values will take place and the feminization of this world will be seen as a “bug” in the evolution, a very strange time in history. I can only hope. As much of destruction feminism has done to us, the family structure with 50 % divorce rate is but one. Making both men and women strong again, in their respective roles, are exceedingly important.

One can only speculate about the future. What I truly believe will hold true is that it will be a whole lot more chaos, with or without Trump and nationalism. Hey, it is already occuring, that too. Economic, social and demographic chaos is upon us right now. The “multi” cultural experiment, which I like to call mono cultural (read 2nd point), has given us that. The economic booms and busts will not cease until we have implemented geoism. Acording to the 18-year cycle we’ll have a little recession in 2018/19 and a huge one in 2026, bigger than ever. Along with climate refugees, we are building up to a dirty mess. More conflicts, more wars, lack of resources, more suffering.

Too negative? Maybe. I like to think of it as realism. I might be prooven wrong. But not in the long run… I truly believe the traditional nation state is lost. The mixing and blending of non compatible cultures has created this. That’s why I can not be a nationalist. I wish could be, but Sweden does not exist anymore. The political leaders even say so; the old Sweden is no more. We now live in the “New Sweden” and we the natives have to accept this and integrate ourselves with the new “Swedes”!

svenskaflagganI love (the old) Sweden! It is so beautiful. I’m born here. I am one with the soil here, with the waters and mountains, with my people, with my ancestors. But it’s gone.

And if it’s gone, and if the future looks like I predict, what would be the obvoius way forward? Band together with the closest. To hold my nearest and dearest close. Build strong bodies, minds and hearts with chosen brothers and our families. Creating a completely self sustained strong tribe. Yes, I believe in tribalism. That’s maybe even worse for the mentioned weak, feminized liberal society. That’s racist, fascist, sexist and xenophobic…